Couture Bridal

Sometimes a shoot will take you on a personal journey. It’s not about the location, or the model, or your camera…. it’s usually about your own ability to grow and challenge yourself. In retrospect, yesterday probably shouldn’t have happened at all. What started as a photographer workshop with Hollie and Lance – 3 cancellations later – turned in to a one-on-one bridal couture session with me and Hollie, Anthony in toe, some last minute vendors who support me when I’m not always sure why, and some amazing light.

The journey must always come from light. The light isn’t always perfect, sometimes we have to wait for a cloud or 2 – but isn’t that usually the way it works? There’s a deeper motivation, a stronger sense of who I am and images that I think will define my work in the coming year. All because of the light.

The location isn’t original – in fact, it’s been done, a lot. But it’s how you present the location that will make the difference. We had a specific style in mind, and major thanks to Amanda from Something Blue Bridal Salon, Lee from Lee Forrest Design, and my amazing model, Hollie – who is much more beautiful than what you see on the exterior, for believing in my vision and supporting me.

Ethereal and soft, feminine and couture – Hollie graciously came along with me as I fight to discover who I am as a photographer.