Workshop Day

What a day! Whew!

Recently, I decided to start some one-on-one photographer workshops. I wasn’t really sure how the whole idea would turn out, but I’ve been getting a lot of “how do you…” emails lately, and thought it would be a great way to get to know some local photographers and share what I know! I’m also insanely lucky to know awesome models, stylists and makeup artists – so I thought it would be fun to bring other photographers along, let them see how I work and get some up-close and personal time with my teams!

Today started off as being 2 workshops, but ended up as a bridal shoot with my girl, Hollie, and then couple’s shoot workshop!

I have A LOT to post (and say) about today – but after 10 hours of shooting, I decided just to post a couple of the teasers instead. I’ll talk more about my experience evading Osceola police and the Squat Shot later on, so stay tuned for that!

But tell me these shots weren’t totally worth almost getting arrested for trespassing??

Dress by Jim Hjelm and Birdcage Veil, both from Something Blue Bridal Salon in Orlando, and amazing floral bouquet by Lee Forrest Design, Orlando!


Dress from Something Blue Bridal Salon (I can’t remember the designer… I’ll find out for you!)


Now… on to our workshop where I shot some “Just Because” photos of recently married couple, Lauren and Jason! Percy and Carla from De Armero Photography joined me (LOTS more about them later – they’re so awesome!)!



Here’s a great shot of Carla and Percy in action!


Seriously, SUCH a fun day! I would do this every day if I could :) I “heart” my job!