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2020 Wedding Trend Recap

2020 Wedding Trend Recap In 2020, weddings have been nowhere near the norm- from DIY arrange-at-home flower kits to custom photo lined suits. What we’ll be looking back on today is some of the most prominent trends we’ve seen, starting off with all things floral. Floral With so many people out of jobs and always looking for ways to save, wedding expenses are the last thing any bride wants to worry about. Luckily, there’s been…

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Final Internship Post: Samara

End of Internship: Samara I can not believe that 6 months as a KWP intern is coming to an end! It went by so quickly, and I was able to learn so much! When I first began this internship, I had no idea of what to expect. I did not really have any photography experience, but I was interested in learning about the industry. Throughout my time interning, I learned all about the wedding industry,…

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Learn Photography at the KWP Store

I’m constantly asked about workshops to learn photography from all levels of our readers. I realize it’s not a one-size fits all kind of task. It’s only taken me about 8 years, but I’ve finally started a store for Kristen Weaver Photography events! I’ve added 4 courses for all levels of photographers and hobbyists to share some of the knowledge we have! I’m most excited about our new series called Shoot POP’UP – where we…

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My Internship at KWP

The KWP Experience My experience as an intern for 6 months at Kristen Weaver Photography was much more than just an internship to me. I can whole-heartedly say at the risk of sound corny that Kristen, as well as every one else at KWP, have truly become like family to me. One of the most amazing factors of this internship experience has been the diversity between myself and the other two interns. It’s such a wonderful…

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10 things you shouldn’t ask your photographer; and the 2 you should

As told in Will Ferrell memes Hi! I’m Priscilla! I am one of Kristen’s “Little Nuggets” (aka interns)! For my first blog post I wanted to write about the “10 things you shouldn’t ask your photographer and the 2 that you should”. Picking a photographer can be overwhelming but thats why you should pick someone you trust; someone whose style and personality fits your own. I complied my list searching google as well as consulting Kristen, Gabe,…

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trash the dress

Sarah & David | Trash the Dress

Since Hurricane Sandy joined Sarah and David for their Wilmington, NC wedding – I was more than happy that they could join me here in Central Florida for a beach trash the dress session to kick off their South America honeymoon cruise! Cocoa Beach gave us perfect warm weather, breezy air and some amazing atmosphere. Every direction we turned completely changed the lighting – and that makes for such an amazing session!   And we…

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