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Hollie heads to LA

I’m stinky at Good-Byes, so I generally avoid them at all costs :) When Hollie told me she was moving to Los Angeles (in just a couple weeks), I was super sad, but not at all surprised jitsi herunterladen mac. It was time for Holls to get out of small-time Orlando and head to the big city lights and pursue her acting… modeling… or just being happy schriftarten für photoscape kostenlos downloaden. Whatever it is…

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The Project Continues

music download legal or illegal My project is in full swing, and after 5 shoots this week, I’m ready to post the finished images :) If you are one of my Facebook Fans, you’ve probably already seen them, but leave a comment if you stop by so I know you were here weihnachtsmotive zum downloaden gratis! Thanks, and enjoy! Hollie Lacey Tiffany Although there’s a pretty solid argument for this shot of Tiffany alone (minus…

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Couture Bridal

Sometimes a shoot will take you on a personal journey. It’s not about the location, or the model, or your camera…. it’s usually about your own ability to grow and challenge yourself herunterladen. In retrospect, yesterday probably shouldn’t have happened at all. What started as a photographer workshop with Hollie and Lance – 3 cancellations later – turned in to a one-on-one bridal couture session with me and Hollie, Anthony in toe, some last minute…

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A Couples Session | Pt. II

So, haha – if you didn’t see the teasers from Hollie and Lance’s Couples Session in Downtown Oviedo, you missed some good stuff 360 grad video herunterladen. After causing quite a stir on Facebook, I’ve been waiting to get the whole session up. It was nearly impossible to edit these – I don’t think I had a bad shot to delete, which makes my job fun – but a lot more difficult youtube videoen op…

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