Coronavirus Update: Keeping up with KWP

With the stay at home order in place the KWP studio was working from home to keep things up and running. Working from home has been pretty interesting for the KWP team. We held weekly zoom meetings which helped keep some sort of normalcy in our work days. We have been hard at work making sure any weddings affected by COVID-19 have been rescheduled to a later date. After patiently waiting for the Coronavirus update that said we could return to work- it’s exciting for things to finally be getting back to normal. Now let’s check out what each individual did during this time.


For Kristen a good portion of working at home was occupied by re-vamping our websites. This seemed like the perfect time to really sit down and decide what the new look would be. Make sure to go check out Eleanor & Pete and the studio website and let us know what you think. She even helped out The Pixel Fund with their new website (launching soon) and designed the new Shopify store for 1010 on Orange! Below is the new featured image for the Eleanor & Pete homepage – one of our favorites!

eleanor & pete

Speaking of the Pixel Fund, as many of you have probably heard during the stay at home order there were quite a few rescues struggling with caring for their animals and were looking for fosters. Well Kristen jumped to action when The Pixel Fund contacted her about a pregnant dog that needed a foster home. Kristen has been spending the last month with a Hound-Beagle mix that we decided to name Nashville. She gave birth to EIGHT puppies, so make sure to check back for pictures of Nashville and her puppies soon. But, in the mean time can you guess what we are going to name the puppies???


Gabby had the task of working on editing photos for the last couple weddings that took place before the stay at home order. She spent her days culling and color correcting weddings, so she could send them out to newlyweds. We hope that by receiving the galleries of wedding photos, we could bring some joy and excitement into these weird times for our couples. With all the website changes Gabby was making sure links still worked on all the pages.

Amid the coronavirus update- Gabby decided to quarantine at her boyfriends house. As a couple they spent time cleaning out Trey’s new home, building a planter together and even adopted our studio foster cat, Sweetie. Below are images from two of the weddings Gabby was editing. Be sure to check out the blog post for Katie & Mike and Caroline & Paul.

corona wedding

coronavirus wedding photographer

coronavirus wedding


As one of the newer members of the KWP team, working from home was a little intimidating. Thankfully Kristen and Gabby were always a zoom call away. I could call them with any questions I had about how to complete my tasks for that day. A majority of my time working from home was spent keeping up with our multiple instagram pages to keep them fresh. Even if we weren’t shooting we had plenty of images that were just waiting to be shared. I even attended a virtual social media summit by Lauren Grove with Every Last Detail and other social media pros! Which was such a great learning experience. Below are some of the images you can find featured on the studio instagram followed by an image from the Eleanor & Pete instagram.

orlando studio photographer

coronavirus photography

KWP Masters

Right as the coronavirus update saying we would have to work from home was rolling in, we announced the KWP Masters program starting back up. We welcomed three new team mates to KWP.  Stephanie is a returning KWP master. During quarantine she spent her days photographing things around her home like her and her husband’s wedding bands. She also played around with some different photography projects. Now for our newest members- Mary, Sally and Whitney.

Mary spent her days with her children, they would go on sunset bike rides, cook vegan recipes together and she even temporarily died her kids hair some fun colors! Sally has been taking care of her grandfather during this time, she takes care of him at home so that he didn’t have to go to the hospital during a pandemic, and she did all of their grocery shopping. Whitney adjusted to quarantine pretty well since she already homeschools her daughters. She has been teaching her youngest daughter how to use a film camera and keeping the kids busy with fun art projects.

Coronavirus Update

As of May 4th we have returned to the KWP studio. We made sure to disinfect all door handles and light switches, stocked up on cleaning supplies, and had a team meeting regarding rules and regulations for keeping the studio clean and all of us healthy. We know that this is a baby step towards getting back to the regular flow of things, but we are so excited to start scheduling shoots and being creative.