Colette’s End of Internship

Colette’s End of Internship

Although this is the end of the internship, for the past six months I have truly been blessed with the experience of a lifetime. At my first interview, Kristen mentioned her guilty pleasure for makeup guru drama and I knew right away we understood each other! I left that interview feeling so excited and passionate, hoping to get the position. Being an intern for Kristen has been such a gratifying experience. From photography to running your own business and everything in between, she taught me so many valuable lessons about working in the real world. Kristen is the perfect example of someone who does what they love and loves what they do! It was so exciting being exposed to all the people in this industry!

The Chicks

I couldn’t have asked for a better pair of girls to share the internship experience with. Interns Renee and Kellen are so kind, hilarious, and a joy to work with! The infinite TikToks, Target runs, and hilarious obsessions for Mini Brands and cats are just some of the funny memories we made. Although the internship is coming to a close, I know the friendships I made will continue!

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Wedding Experience

As an intern, one of our tasks was to assist Kristen in a wedding that she was shooting. I assisted two weddings with Kristen and loved the experiences. As someone who loves going to weddings in general, being on the other side and seeing all the behind the scene efforts was so unique! Observing all the moving parts and getting inspiration from different bride’s styles was awesome! Kristen involved me in the process by having me change lens and set up flat lays! She even let me experiment by taking a couple of photos of my own on the second camera!

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Studio and Blog Posts

Besides weddings, Kristen also does a lot of studio work! I learned how to set up backdrops, lights, and camera equipment to acquire the perfect shot. I loved learning new things and have a greater appreciation for all the work that goes into photoshoots! Blogging was also another big task we as interns took on. Creating blogs for Kristen’s website was really fun and allowed for us to experiment and be creative! I found out that a lot more goes into running a blog then just posting words and pictures!

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The Styled Shoot

Back in August, Kristen told us about our final project that we would be executing later that year! The project was to design and execute a styled wedding shoot! My partner Renee and I came up with a lot of ideas, sharing Pinterest photos back and forth. While we started in one direction and ended up in another, the process was hard work but so exciting! I loved creating a vision and watching it come to life. Being able to work with so many professionals in this industry helped me establish new connections and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Everyone was so diligent and helpful, resulting in such a beautiful shoot! Be sure to check out our other post about an Adventure in Cheshire at Cypress Grove!

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Although this is the end of the internship; I will carry all the memories, laughs, and rewarding projects with me for the rest of my life! Thank you Kristen!