Citrus Club Wedding

March 2, 2013  |  Susan and Dean

I’m kind of obsessed with Susan and Dean… and I’m pretty sure that everyone that knows them feels exactly the same way microsoft office paket kostenlos downloaden. Their wedding was a crazy celebration of love, music and energy in a gorgeous roof-top venue surrounded by stunning night views of Downtown Orlando.

The epitome of classic elegance, from Vera Wang to white roses and a live band, everything about their day was about the coming together of two beautiful families klingeltöne klassische musik kostenlos downloaden.

No one expected the crazy weather though! In one of the windiest, coldest days I can remember in quite some time – the bridal party was a breeze to work with (no pun intended!), smiling through the chill and helping us capture amazing photos for Susan and Dean :)


I also got the honor of shooting their engagement session at their newly established home in Orlando wie kann ich von youtube musik herunterladen!


Ceremony Venue: First United Methodist Church of Oviedo
Reception Venue: The Citrus Club
Hair and Makeup: LeJeune Artistry
Florist: Peddles
Event Coordinator: Terri, Tickled Pink Brides
Cake Artist: Patty, Cake Designers
Reception Band: The Buzzcatz
Ceremony Soloist: Tony Awtrey
Bridal Salon: The Collection, Winter Park
Bridal Designer: Vera Wang
Stationary: Write in Style
Bridesmaids Gowns: Wtoo by Watters
Men’s Suits: Vera Wang
Photobooth: Funny Faces Foto

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Ok but seriously, how stinking cute is this? netflix serie downloaden mb!
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Now this next set of photos might require a bit of explanation winrar 64 bit kostenlos. To put it mildly, the wind was insane – and it was super cold (yes, in Florida, really). So I made the guys give the girls their jackets while we walked over to the lawn, then in a swift change – the girls all hurridly gave the jackets back and posed for about 3 photos :) Until Susan stopped us in the bus lane begging for more pics ufc für pc kostenlos downloaden. So again, you see “the great jacket switch of 2013”. Flawless!

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The reception venue was amazing where you can download funny videos for whatsapp. I’ve never actually been to The Citrus Club, but it is absolutely stunning at sunset!
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This next photo graced the cover of my Facebook Business page for months herunterladen. One of my absolute favorite moments right before their introduction. Just a quiet moment between them.
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Before the night ended, Susan’s dad surprised everyone with an impromptu performance with the band while Susan and Dean slow-danced ps4 netflix herunterladen.
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And then one of my favorite send-offs before we walked with them over to the Grand Bohemian ard untertitel herunterladen. <3
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