Sweet and Southern Bellewood Plantation Wedding in Vero Beach

Sweet shades of pink and soft flowers decorated this country wedding with farmwood tables and a Yeti cake! Ellie and Josh hosted their Bellewood Plantation wedding to celebrate their union with friends and family in Vero Beach, Florida!

Ellie & Josh | Sneak Peek

November 23, 2019 at Bellewood Plantation, Vero Beach FL

Ellie and Josh have one of my favorite “first meeting” stories I’ve ever heard! While Ellie was out at a bar, she turned around and noticed a line of rose petals from her barstool to another stool where Josh was sitting! Ever since, Ellie and Josh have had red roses in every significant part of their life (and their wedding day was no exception! Peep the incredible rose gift he sent to her while she was getting ready!).  In fact, right after their proposal, they went and got matching rose tattoos on their wrists!

Ok, so let’s jump ahead to the proposal. Because how do you top a first meeting like Josh did? Well, you plan for Christmas photos and a little surprise!

From Ellie: “Josh took me to take “Christmas card pictures”. The photographer handed us each a wooden board and I was supposed to write Merry on one and he was supposed to write Christmas on the other, when he really wrote “me?” on his. He turned his board around and got down on one knee!”

Their life has been a whirlwind of boating, fishing and living a quiet, happy life in South Florida! So when it came time to plan their wedding, they pulled out all the stops to infuse their every day with their forever dreams!

A Bellewood Plantation Wedding

Friends and family joined Ellie and Josh at the gorgeous Bellewood Plantation in Vero Beach. From their lawn ceremony to oysters and signing their Tarpon during cocktail hour – every detail was completely customized to share their love for the water! Josh’s ring was made with fish encircling it, and the men’s boutonnieres and even the table number stands were fish hooks! Their custom seating chart included boat tie-offs, with each table being different types of fish!

I loved getting to spend the day with them and some of my favorite vendors! Ellie and Josh had an incredible evening of dancing, food, a fire-pit and coffee-truck, before being sent off by sparklers to a waiting pickup truck tailgate! Now, they’re off to Costa Rica to enjoy their new married life together!


Lead Photographer: Kristen
Venue: Bellewood Plantation
Event Planning: AATR Weddings
Hair Artist: Lindsay Naffziger
Makeup Artist: Cindy Goetz
Catering: Millers Ale House & Crab Stop
Florist: Buds Etc
 Blue Skies Entertainment
Cake: The Cake Lady
Bridal Gown and Salon: Essense of Australia from Monica’s Bridal
Videography: Pear & Thorn
Stationery: Vera Wang
Honeymoon: Costa Rica


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