Susan and Dean | Engaged

Susan and Dean….

This gorgeous couple is getting married in March. And although I hadn’t met them prior to their engagement session, Susan’s emails had me from hello. After meeting Dean at “The Lodge” (um, basically a bar with taxidermied animals… gross) in Oviedo (shocker), they realized they had more than flirting in common! Their mutual friend, aptly named “Billy Biceps”, will be a groomsman in their wedding.

Now they both work for the Department of Defense (I swear, along with about 3 other of my clients), and are making their own little home here in Orlando! Susan is a self-proclaimed “Suzy Homemaker” and Dean…. well, Dean has taken to higher-class establishments for his beverages :)

Their mini-schnauzer, Niko, is their happy little fur-baby and I loved meeting the little guy on their shoot!