Dixie and Nick | Married

September 10, 2011 | Tampa, Florida

I have Dixie to thank for my first ever published photo – a picture of her bunny, Stiletto, in the PetCo calendar! If you obtain said calendar, and flip to April – there you’ll see her bunny right above a coupon for Chuckit! Tennis Ball Launchers! Oh, the good days.

Actually, I have Dixie to thank for a lot of things… namely, my sanity.  When you think back on some of the more influential times in your life, you tend to remember the people that were right there along with you – for every second of the crazy ride. That was my Dixie. She was the first person to dig me out of my closet (where I’d often hide from a bad breakup), make hand-made crafts with me when I was too broke to afford Christmas gifts for my family, and actively seek out every mall within our allocation of gas budget on weekends. The years right out of college were a challenge, but it was amazing to have her as my partner in crime. I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since meeting her and realizing we have more in common than a love for shoes. From glitter to ketchup, mac and cheese and movies – even law – we were like 2 peas in a pod.

In law school at Stetson, she met Nick. If there’s one thing I know about him – it’s that he always (almost) gets what he wants. And he got Dixie.

Nick, as one half of ‘Nixie’, is an amazing guy. Patient and kind, and he tolerates Dixie’s love of all things bling. As she often says, if you have to ask if there’s enough glitter – you probably need more. Oh, and he’s an asst. State Attorney. Not bad to have one of those in your corner ;)

Dixie and Nick’s wedding was the most blingy in KWP history – and included a reception dance to Meatloaf’s “I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that)” on dueling pianos.

In fact, when I asked her what her wedding colors were, she said “SPARKLE! Yes, our color is sparkle. :)”

‘Nixie’ is truly a unique pair, and I’m so proud to call them my friends!

Venue: Feathersound Country Club
Bridal Designer: Sottero & Midgley
Bridal Shoes: Benjamin Adams “Charlize”
Reception Entertainment: Breezin Entertainment & Productions
Officiant: The Honorable Artemus McNeil
Cake Artist: Natalie Davis Weppler

As homage to Nick’s career, only Guilty by Gucci would do for his wedding day cologne

If you know Dixie, you know about her obsession with Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags! They were incorporated in to her wedding day attire, too!

Since Dixie’s an only child, her “first look” with her dad was especially sweet for us

Dixie walked down the aisle with her mom and dad to a cello version of the Guns N’ Roses classic “Sweet Child o’ Mine”

Dixie had her bouquet and her bridesmaids’ bouquets custom designed with feathers and brooches

Dixie’s eyes are mostly brown, but with this one blue spot. It’s the coolest thing ever!

Their first dance, a fully choreographed showstopper to Meatloaf on dueling pianos. Ridiculously perfect.

Rocky Horror Picture Show? Yes please.

Dixie got her dad the most perfect Harley cufflinks.
But the sweetest detail of the day? He wore a single earring stud that he got the day he first got his ear pierced… the day Dixie was born.

The crew from Florida Southern! (including me, reluctantly. Working all day is not happy on the hair or makeup!)

Yeah…. we had to :)