Rosie and Jackson | Engaged

It’s quite possibly one of the best Facebook Page wall posts I’ve ever seen. Randomly, a sweet little Australian girl named Rosie happily posted on my wall about her engagement! As soon as she mentioned coming to Australia to shoot her wedding, I was in. No…. seriously…. IN.

Purely by coincidence, in August I was invited to speak to a group of photographers with the AIPP SA (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers – South Australia). I could have peed my pants I was so excited to not just get one opportunity to visit ‘down under – but TWO!?

So here I go, bags packed for the 22 hour flight over 2 days with Anthony dragging behind. I had all 10 hours of my presentation prepared and was so ready to see Adelaide with Rosie and Jackson! When we arrived, we were greeted by 2 of the sweetest people – I honestly just adored them. I’m so glad we were able to spend most of the week getting to know each other – and SO thankful for Jackson driving us around town (that whole “other side of the road” thing was really confusing!)

Anthony and I relished our time there – in between both of us being sick and me giving an entire seminar with practically no voice (thank goodness for microphones) – we had the most amazing experience! I loved our hotel and the food was sooo yummy! I had Greek garlic french fries while listening to The Phantom Menace, got to see the sights of The Barossa (wine country – where Rosie and Jackson will be getting married in January), and had the best chocolate frog ever!!

Dale and Tracy (who organized my trip to SA) were the best – and took us to eat at some really good spots (are you noticing a trend with me traveling and eating?) and they were so great giving me feedback about my seminars! I couldn’t believe I had to follow up Yervant, who had been the last speaker they brought in. Talk about pressure!

And although I was there for work (but seriously, who can call it that?), I also got to shoot a quick engagement session with Rosie and Jackson! I even got to go to their engagement party – which was an awesome surprise – and meet their friends and family.

It’s weird – even as I write this blog post, I feel like I have so much to say about our trip that I can’t even think. My head is spinning with all the sights and food and people I met! I mean, it was life-changing. I met so many amazingly talented photographers, they were just the best, most gracious hosts, and I would welcome an invitation back any time they feel like laughing at my American accent! Just sayin ;)

And if you happen to be reading this, and attended my seminar, I’d love for you to post a little comment and let me know how I did! I’m not a professional speaker – so be gentle! :)

To Rosie and Jackson – my loves! I will see you before you know it! I miss you much and I can’t wait to spend another amazing week in Australia celebrating your wedding with you!

PS: “Morning Tea” is the best thing ever!

PPS: Never teach Anthony how to say “bathroom” in another language. I’ve spent months listening to renditions of “long-drop” “dunny” and “thunderbox”.