Cassie and Danny | Married

December 27, 2012 | Miami, FL

Cassie and Danny are a match made in high-school heaven. Even though both have grown up – Cassie just finished up law school and Danny is a firefighter – they still share the same exciting love that they did from the beginning. They are a breathtakingly beautiful couple with super sweet hearts! I’ve grown to absolutely adore both of them – and that they brought me cupcakes :) (their engagement session is still one of my favorites ever!)

Cassie could not have looked more beautiful and we had such a great time with the girls getting ready – especially since she brought along their Boston Terrier pup-daughter, Sammy. But one of the highlights of the day was watching Cassie’s mom walk her down the aisle at St. Patricks. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience, especially Danny, who I’ve never seen smile so big!

Since  Cassie and Danny had a winter wedding after the holidays, they chose a soft blush palette and all white flowers, capped by a stunning blue reception. The rotunda of the Westin Colonnade was draped with white sheers and lit by blue uplighting to create an ethereal glow! Danny and the boys wore elegant black tuxes to compliment the black tie event.

One of the things that I loved was shooting their formal photos on the streets of Miami. It was a certainly a challenge to create the perfect lighting in a really quick amount of time – but the final outcome was so gorgeous and matched their day perfectly!

Ceremony Venue: St. Patrick’s Church
Reception Venue: Westin Colonnade, Coral Gables
Event Coordination: Mia Bella Events and Design
Bridal Gown: La Sposa
Bridesmaid Gowns: Dessy
Veil: La Sposa
Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Makeup Artist: Makeup by Marz
Hair Stylist: Art of Hair
Videographer: Delight Media
Florist: Terra Flowers
Reception DJ: Vision DJs
Cake Artist: Edible Creations
Photobooth: Memory Booths

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Sammy spent the morning with the girls :)

Loved accidentally catching this text from “Boo”

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One of my favorite photos ever – taken by Rachel :)

CassieBlog_042 CassieBlog_043
Second favorite photo – also taken by Rachel :)

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They kind of butchered the cake cutting… which was hilarious :)

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