Noah and Kyle | Newborn

First comes love, then comes marriage….

Then comes twins in a baby carriage!

Loving these sessions from one of my favorite couples, Jennifer and Mitch! They were one of my first booked clients when I started shooting weddings, and they have always believed in my business succeeding! I can’t even start to explain how excited I was when I heard they were pregnant after lots of trying and infertility treatments! Then, super surprised to hear that they weren’t just having one… but TWO! Little baby twin boys were on their way and I couldn’t wait to meet them!

Our newborn session was a bit delayed since the boys had to live in the NICU for a couple of weeks. But here they are, at 3 weeks and oh-so-cute! They may be twins, but they’re already such different little people! Noah, who got the short end of the stick (and the back-end of his brother the entire time he was baking in the womb), is a little chunky monkey, loves to sleep and streeeeetch out. He also loves to punch his brother, Kyle, who doesn’t like to sleep and gives you the “eye” whenever you’re trying to get him to sleep. I can’t wait to see these 2 grow up!!

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And here our the boys! Noah is on the left, and Kyle is on the right.
This is Noah. He loves the camera and is constantly posing for me! He’s also a crazy sloppy eater!
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This is Kyle. He hates sleeping, hates the camera, but loves meal time!
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