….& baby

I’ve gotten to do some of the coolest things… like going on one of my couple’s honeymoon with them for pictures, and shooting a boudoir session with a husband and wife, and photographing my gorgeous brides as gorgeous mothers…. my job is so amazing.

But one of the coolest shoots I’ve done just happened last night. We’ve been keeping this a secret since Cortney contacted us to share with the world, via photos, that her and hubby, pro surfer CJ Hobgood, are expecting their first child together!

You may remember their GORGEOUS wedding from back in February – and their beautiful daughters Mia and Genevieve. But now, baby makes 5!

And what was super special about their session was that we spent the entire evening trying to break it to the girls (who didn’t know yet)… only to confuse them more!

Take a look at how our evening went….

We started with some fun studio shots of the girls

Then took them out to my favorite spot for their “announcement” photo!
Except the girls kept thinking that no one knew Sammy’s birthday, which is why he wore the “?”

So we tried a new, more obvious, approach….

But after they reworked the sentence several times with still no clue, we decided to get really obvious and Cortney and CJ told them they would be having a baby!

Genevieve (who’s a little older) got super excited… Mia, just looked a little confused.

We ended the session and Cortney and CJ took the girls for some ice cream, where I’m sure Mia finally absorbed the excellent news :))

Congrats to the Hobgood clan (who are jetting off to France this week)! I can’t wait to meet the new little one and see what amazing big sisters Mia and Genevieve are!