10 Details to Make Your Wedding Photos Perfect

We’ve compiled a list of ten must-haves that will make your wedding photos the best they can be! As the years go on, you’ll want to look back at your album and not only see shots of you and your people, but also the magical details that made the day truly yours reparaturtool für windows 7 herunterladen kostenlos. These are items you will probably need with you anyways, and that I happen to love photographing! They are categorized here by “Styled” and “Sentimental”.



1. The Mrs. Box – This company makes customizable ring boxes in over 40 different colors and multiple sizes rtl now videos herunterladen. Talk about making it personal! They offer optional monograms in different foil colors. A ring box can make your photos pop.

2. Tono & Co – These dreamy, hand-dyed textiles are perfect for styling. Tono & Co makes high quality ribbon, silk, and other fabrics that will give your photos even more character herunterladen.

wedding details

Tono & Co silk ribbons and fabric from our blog post 2019 Color Wedding Trends

3. Loose Florals – I love using loose florals when styling invitations. Pick up a few extra blooms that are like the ones in your bouquet or on the tables to have behind-the-scenes for styling herunterladen.

invitation suites

Christina and Wilson chose a palette of soft ivory and greenery to style their wedding invitations!

4. Invitation Suite – Of course we shoot your wedding invitations, but we also suggest you include things like envelopes, bridal shower invites, menus, seating cards and more music at apple music! Hint – mail 2 full copies of your invites to your photographer for styling and shooting before or after the wedding day.

wedding ring photos

We used loose florals, a sage ring box and beautiful calligraphy from Christina and Wilson’s invitation suite for styling

5. Veil or Extra Lace  – A veil (or lace) is a great resource for us to shoot your details, shoes and jewelry! It softens anything below it and adds a touch of delicate design to any photo with which program to from youtube.

wedding veils

Jules chose the Swan Queen Lace Robe from Girl and a Serious Dream to get ready in. We used her veil to accent some of her detail photos!



1 I can no longer download pictures from whatsapp. Perfume – I believe scent creates nostalgia. I recommend choosing a perfume with a sent you’ve never worn before. Then, only wear it again on special occasions. It will take you right back to your wedding day! This goes for the men, too! Pick a classic cologne that you can wear on anniversaries to remind you of your wedding day elster datei vom finanzamt herunterladen wiso!

wedding day perfume

Jules chose COCO by Chanel as her wedding day scent

2. Lipstick – One of my favorite “souvenirs” is to purchase a lipstick at every new place I travel to. They become very sentimental for that reason microsoft word starter 2013 kostenlos. I usually select names or colors that remind me of that place. For instance, I got a stunning MAC Red when I was in Paris, and the MAC Limited Edition Giambattista Valli in ‘Eugenie’ when I was in Italy, and MAC ‘New York Apple’ when I went to NYC.

wedding day lipstick

We selected a rich purple Tom Ford lipstick for our styled shoot at Howey Mansion

3. Special Notes or Letters – Maybe you have the first love note he ever wrote you. Maybe he keeps a special note in his wallet. Maybe he will deliver a card to you on your wedding day.

wedding notes

Wade wrote notes to all of Annie’s bridesmaids for us to give to them!

4. Heirloom Jewelry – Incorporating the heritage and history of your family into your wedding is worthy of photographs. Is there something special your family has passed down to you?

Heirloom Jewelry

Christina wore these stunning emerald and gold vintage earrings that were her grandmother’s!

5. Handwritten Vows – If you two are writing your own vows, let us style them into the photos. You will hold onto them forever and seeing the photo of them from your wedding day will be special!

hand written vows

Wade writing a note to Annie while she was getting ready