Remedy Magazine, London

If you’re on Facebook, and haven’t been living under a rock today, you probably saw my 300 updates about my feature in this issue of Remedy Magazine, London! Ok, so I’m exaggerating a little bit – but this was a huge deal for me. This year has brought me a lot of amazing opportunities, but as I stress about starting my own business, and finding my place in this world of photography-saturated markets, I’m reminded about why I do what I do. It never started as a way to make money, but for many of us, I don’t think it ever does.

I started in photography as a way to express myself. It was about being someone I wasn’t. Photography made me popular, if you will. I could become anyone, or anything, I dreamed. I could surround myself with Gucci and Jimmy Choo, with models and stylists – artists and dreamers. It’s never an easy place to be, surrounded in self-doubt and competition.

This is where Remedy comes in.

What is a dream worth? It’s too often that value isn’t placed on talent. I’m reminded of this every day when I get asked to lower my prices on portraits, weddings – anything. It’s easy to take the lower prices, because bills are due and life gets in the way, but then what would I be saying about myself? That I’m not worth the price I charge? I can’t go through life doubting myself, my business, or my talents. I don’t want to get on some huge soapbox about pricing, that’s not the point of this – but if you’re a potential client (of any photographer, artist, stylist…) remember that an artist is a dream-maker. What dream can we paint for you?

Remedy was started a year ago by Farhana Jaffer. Her goal was simple: “Remedy wants to encourage the new generation to look at their own talents and be inspired by it and others around them, we only promote those who have done, or are working towards doing something positive with their lives. We offer a platform for people to promote their work on an international stage.”

Remedy promotes photographers, designers, artists, poets, singers – the list goes on. Remedy promotes the arts, and that’s why you should love Remedy, and everything they stand for. It was an honor to be selected for their magazine as a featured artist, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my dreams with so many others.

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I also wanted to thank the entire team for making this shoot happen –

Models: Lacey Buchanan and Victoria Berard
Wardrobe Stylist: Melanie Pace
Makeup and Hair: Jillian Caro

The full shoot can be found here.