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Celebrating Blush with our favorite 10+1 Weddings!

Celebrating Blush with our favorite 10+1 Weddings! The very first wedding I worked with ‘Blush by Brandee Gaar‘ was 2012. It’s been a few years since that first event, and we’ve logged countless hours between working together, texts, and panicked phone calls (usually from me!). It would be impossible to put in to words how much I adore Brandee, Ira and the amazing team they’ve built over the years (which I always get to photograph…

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Jessica and Anthony’s Pastel Celebration Engagement

Celebration Engagement Session We are in love with Jessica and Anthony’s Celebration engagement session. The colors and small town feel make you want to take a stroll and grab some lunch (which, I highly recommend eating at The Colombia! It’s my favorite!). Jessica and Anthony wanted to shoot at a location that was meaningful to them for their engagement session so we met up with them in their hometown of Celebration with their adorable fur…

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Keep up with KWP | Week 47

We can’t believe Thanksgiving is already upon us! These next few weeks are super exciting – lots of family sessions and decorating and holiday parties – and then Kristen and Anthony are getting married! The office will be closed for the rest of the week while we celebrate the holiday with our families… so I hope this “Keep up with KWP” can hold you over until week 49! With the holidays quickly approaching, KWP started…

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Missing in Action? Hardly!

Yeah, it happens :) Even the best of us can go missing for a little while! So for a brief explanation (and apology, if you will), I have family in town and have decided to take a much needed, however short, hiatus from working…blogging…. facebook. Ok, so the hiatus is really only from social media – so if you’ve been looking for me on my twitter or facebook – I’m just not there for a…

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Faye and Derek : Couples Session

Celebration, FL. Can I just take a quick second and brag about how I seriously have the most gorgeous couples that ask me to take their photos? I think I’m the luckiest photographer in Orlando! When you get couples like Faye and Derek, it’s not too difficult to catch the sweetest little moments! I’m really glad they chose Celebration for their session, because there’s so many adorable little nooks and crannies. I think this may…

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Website of the Week

So guess what I got in my email today!? Lindsey and Jason’s Celebration Engagement Session was chosen as Colleges.net‘s Website of the Week! You can read about it on their blog, or check out the photos by clicking below!

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