Recent Press Pt. 2

I guess I should have waited before posting the recent press I’ve had this week until the end of the week. Eh.

Style Me Pretty’s local Florida blog featured Alex and Chris’s Ribault Club wedding on their front page:

I was also interviewed on another photographer’s blog, eyefull photography! One of the reasons I love the feature she did was because I got to answer some of the best questions! So if you really want to get to know ME – definitely read my interview here:

And just a quick little end note; I’m debating against hosting any more one-on-one workshops. Although I love to teach and spend time getting to know all of these fantastic photographers, my focus in 2012 is altering slightly and I’m looking at new ways to help others. So I decided to start my own online networking site to help out other photographers, join my clients together – and just really feel like I have a family out in internet world! I’m hoping that everyone uses it to network, help each other out (I LOVE the forums and have been posting some of my own How To’s and topics), and even for some of my past clients to help my current clients with wedding planning! It’s such a crazy world out there – it’s really been bringing us just a little bit closer together :)

So if you have a moment, pop on over to KWP Online to see what it’s all about!