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Recent Press Pt. 2

I guess I should have waited before posting the recent press I’ve had this week until the end of the week. Eh. Style Me Pretty’s local Florida blog featured Alex and Chris’s Ribault Club wedding on their front page: I was also interviewed on another photographer’s blog, eyefull photography invitations to eat for free! One of the reasons I love the feature she did was because I got to answer some of the best questions!…

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Welcome to Wedding Season 2011!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ve seen the insane amount of traveling I’ve been doing for some of my favorite weddings and coolest couples herunterladen! This past 7 days alone, I’ve shot 4 weddings in 2 countries, traveled over 2100 miles, shot over 14,000 images and logged about 5 hours of sleep a night between 3 hotels herunterladen. I’m heading back out to the west coast on Wednesday to visit my second home,…

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