I loved this session because Caitlin and Chris are such an adorable couple! I hardly had to give any direction during the shoot – they were so natural and just having fun in front of my camera fack ju göhte 2 illegal download. In fact, I think we were barely halfway through when Chris really began to catch on…to the point where he was already plotting my next move. “Over there on the deck,” or “you want to take a picture of our shoes don’t you” (they were wearing matching shoes!) ebooks amazon. It was kind of hilarious!

We actually shot their session around the church where they’ll be married. It’s a gorgeous property with a lot of big shady trees and it’s so versatile rahmen gratis herunterladen. I’m really looking forward to shooting their wedding in August because there are just so many options. I mean, we even took pictures in the same place we parked our cars because the wall was covered in vines airbnb rechnung herunterladen! And we had to make sure to get pictures in front of the gray house because it’s Caitlin’s favorite. :)

And I just have to share their “Tommy Pickle feet” picture kroatische musik kostenlos herunterladen. Tommy Pickle, from the show Rugrats? Well…he stands with his toes turned in. Like this :)