Caitlin and Chris

I loved this session because Caitlin and Chris are such an adorable couple! I hardly had to give any direction during the shoot – they were so natural and just having fun in front of my camera fack ju göhte 2 illegal download. In fact, I think we were barely halfway through when Chris really began to catch on…to the point where he was already plotting my next move. “Over there on the deck,” or…

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Recent Press Pt. 2

I guess I should have waited before posting the recent press I’ve had this week until the end of the week. Eh. Style Me Pretty’s local Florida blog featured Alex and Chris’s Ribault Club wedding on their front page: I was also interviewed on another photographer’s blog, eyefull photography invitations to eat for free! One of the reasons I love the feature she did was because I got to answer some of the best questions!…

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Style Me Pretty: Pink and Gray Modern Romance

So I’m a little behind on the times… but I shot this amazing styled design for Lauren Grove of Every Last Detail blog, and then we were featured on Style Me Pretty herunterladen! There’s been so many blogs about this shoot, I almost feel like it’s overkill for me to post it, too! But I loved the design, the colors and the style… so I had to kamera app windows 10 herunterladen! But I wanted…

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Why July is the hottest month ever!

I had a super exciting month in July (even though it isn’t over yet!). First of all, for any of you non-Floridians out there… it’s HOT here. Temps are soaring in to the 100’s and outdoor shoots are torture. But besides our crazy hot summer, I had a hot month and wanted to share it with you ios 13 schriften herunterladen! First of all, I welcomed 4 new brides to my growing family of KWP…

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When to book your photographer

Behind the Scenes at our Southern Weddings shoot in Miami magentatv. iPhone photos courtesy of Nicole Miller and April Dorsey I had a great little conversation with Lauren from Every Last Detail blog about when to book your photographer (and other vendors for your wedding!) It’s been bittersweet lately, as I’ve been booking more brides, I’ve been completely surprised by the number of inquiries I get looking for their photographer just 3-4 months out herunterladen….

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Featured on All the Photographers

You know, there are days…. we all have days like this…. where you feel like you just can’t do anything right. You’re creatively crunched, can’t sleep and obsessing over every shot you take, every missed opportunity and every lead that goes another direction. I feel like I go through these phases, and it’s only by the grace and support of my fans, friends, colleagues and loved ones that I’m able to look past the dark…

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