Missing in Action? Hardly!

Yeah, it happens :) Even the best of us can go missing for a little while!

So for a brief explanation (and apology, if you will), I have family in town and have decided to take a much needed, however short, hiatus from workingblogging…. facebook.

Ok, so the hiatus is really only from social media – so if you’ve been looking for me on my twitter or facebook – I’m just not there for a bit. I’m also a little slow responding to emails right now – so if I haven’t gotten back to you on something, I will at the beginning of the week.

Also, if you’re waiting on some amazing pictures from me from last weekend’s B.Sessions… they’re on their way! Doing one round before I leave for Nashville on Thursday, and the other round as soon as I get back!

Family aside, I had an awesome shoot today with a sweet couple from New York celebrating their one-year anniversary tomorrow on vacation here in Orlando. They’ve been in good hands since their plane landed at OIA today, first with Jillian Caro for hair and makeup, then spending the afternoon with me at Celebration and Disney for a “Day After” session and “Couples” session! After their photographer “misplaced” all of their wedding photos – they called me to shoot a little re-do.

I loved showing them around, and even though they’ve had a super long day – their photos are gorgeous and I can’t wait to share them all! For now, a quick teaser to celebrate their One-year anniversary tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I’m off to Swap-Land (Gainesville) for Amanda and Keith’s gorgeous wedding! I’ll be back on Sunday!