Amanda and Keith are married!

Amanda and Keith Wheeler | Gainesville, FL  |  June 12, 2010 I was really excited to shoot the wedding of Amanda and Keith Wheeler up in Gainesville, Fl in June herunterladen! After shooting their amazing airport engagement session just a few months ago, I knew we’d be in for a fun night referat herunterladen! Amanda just graduated from UF and Keith is in the Air Force in Oklahoma. This was our second service wedding, and…

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Missing in Action? Hardly!

Yeah, it happens :) Even the best of us can go missing for a little while! So for a brief explanation (and apology, if you will), I have family in town and have decided to take a much needed, however short, hiatus from working…blogging… gta 5 pc for free. facebook. Ok, so the hiatus is really only from social media – so if you’ve been looking for me on my twitter or facebook – I’m…

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