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Fairytale Disney wedding of Jessica and Matt

Magical Disney Wedding October 29, 2016  |  Jessica and Matt A Disney couple from the beginning, Jessica and Matt shared some of their favorite memories visiting Orlando from their home in NYC. Matt, a recent Harvard graduate, met Jessica while they were both attending The University of Pennsylvania. Matt was in law school, and Jessica getting her doctorate for dentistry when they connected and instantly fell in love! Matt was also involved in musical theater…

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Missing in Action? Hardly!

Yeah, it happens :) Even the best of us can go missing for a little while! So for a brief explanation (and apology, if you will), I have family in town and have decided to take a much needed, however short, hiatus from working…blogging…. facebook. Ok, so the hiatus is really only from social media – so if you’ve been looking for me on my twitter or facebook – I’m just not there for a…

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