Christine and Micah | A Backyard Wedding

Christine and Micah have taken me on this amazing journey as a photographer. They’ve challenged me, laughed with me and let me just be creative. From their amazing dual-engagement sessions (The River and Celebration), to their beautiful backyard wedding on May 15th in Orlando, I’ve taken another step towards becoming the photographer I’ve always dreamed I could be.

Warm-fuzzies aside, they’re a beautiful, fun couple who are just absolutely perfect together. Their wedding day was everything we could have hoped – gorgeous weather, light summer breeze and not a glitch in sight! Christine had 2 amazing dresses, a bouquet of beautiful white peonies and a flower in her hair at the reception. Simple, stylish and fun. Pretty much sums her up! Micah’s energy was electric – and the intro to their reception set the tone for what a fun evening we had in store!

Grab some popcorn folks, this is going to be a long blog post!

So I wanted to personally thank both Christine and Micah for being such a wonderful part of my year. It was a wedding to remember, and I hope we have a lot more memories to capture together!

A favorite from their day

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