Best Week Ever

So why is this the “Best Week Ever”?

Well, first of all – our Orlando Style editorial hit newsstands and I got to celebrate at dinner Tuesday night with some of my favorite people! I couldn’t have gotten through that shoot without the creativity and energy of April Dorsey, Lee Forrest, Molly Brown and Melanie Pace, and it was so much fun to just hang out, eat and relax! Seeing your efforts pay off in a beautiful print editorial is one of the most rewarding experiences, and I’m so happy to have shared that with them.

Images for a Cure 2010 is rocking hard, and I have an amazing group of dedicated photographers in Central Florida busting their behinds to make this the best it possibly can be! We’re working on our new branding and starting to get things lined up for an official June 1st Registration drive!

I was also asked to be a guest photographer at a Jacksonville shoot club run by makeup artist, Faythe Mesic, on June 1st. I’m really looking forward to meeting up with all the talented photographers in North Florida. They get together and shoot some fun fashion work every month – a nice break from my crazy wedding season. I’ll be speaking a little on Images for a Cure, and then just getting to help everyone out individually with their shoot! I can’t wait to see everyone there! (I believe it’s open to everyone – just contact Faythe on her website, or Facebook Page to get the details).

Moving right along, I finally started working on my office remodel project! I spend nearly 14 hours a day in my office (often more, rarely less) and have been dying to repaint, re-decorate and re-organize. We just built the house in July, but it’s already seen it’s 3 re-design, poor thing. But I’m fairly set on it this time (let’s hope!). There’s a LOT more to do, but I got most of the paint done and hung my photo-montage on the back wall! We still have to finish the curtains, paint the wall behind my desk (need help moving my desk first!), hang the crown molding and shelves, and then do the closet. The closet will probably take the longest…. but I can’t wait until that’s finished!

And to top off and already stellar week – I was featured on 2 blogs! Yesterday, Weddings Unveiled posted our “Greenhouse Effect” editorial on their blog, Completely Unveiled; and today, my studio interview with went up! So if you ever wanted to know how I got my start in photography, what my biggest fear is, who I’d love to meet and what photographer I most admire – go check it out!

Rounding out my weekend, I get to shoot Christine and Micah’s amazing outdoor wedding tomorrow. I can’t wait for this one – it sounds heavenly :) Outdoors, backyard and on a lake. Perfection :) Hope everyone’s getting ready for an amazing weekend!

Christine and Micah from their amazing River engagement session