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The six things every photographer needs for your wedding day

The six things every photographer needs for your wedding day You’ve met with your photographer and know they’re the one. It’s a match made in heaven! They’re perfect for you because they fit your budget and most importantly have a style that matches what you’re going for on your big day. The next step is crucial. You’ve seen what they bring to the table and now it’s your job to provide them with details to…

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Adore Yourself | Tips for a Perfect Boudoir Shoot

Tips for a perfect Boudoir shoot To see when Kristen has an upcoming Boudoir Marathon, or to book a private session, use our contact form! Long gone are the days of glamour shot boudoir photography as we enter a new, sexier and sultrier boudoir world! What was once taboo is being celebrated by women all over the world as a way to showcase their natural beauty as a gift to their loves, or even themselves!…

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10 things you shouldn’t ask your photographer; and the 2 you should

As told in Will Ferrell memes Hi! I’m Priscilla! I am one of Kristen’s “Little Nuggets” (aka interns)! For my first blog post I wanted to write about the “10 things you shouldn’t ask your photographer and the 2 that you should”. Picking a photographer can be overwhelming but thats why you should pick someone you trust; someone whose style and personality fits your own. I complied my list searching google as well as consulting Kristen, Gabe,…

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WPPI 2013

I am so excited to have been asked to speak as part of a full day workshop during WPPI in Las Vegas this year! I’m joining a super talented group of bloggers and photographers for an experience on getting published and shooting! If you’re attending WPPI, or still thinking about it, make sure you check out The Experience and register early for a special reduced rate! http://www.theexperience2013.com And since I’ll be heading out to Vegas…

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It’s Jamaica, mon!

There once was a photographer from New Jersey…. Who fell in love with a boy in the Air Force… And they realized all they needed was each other… So with a little luck, and a lot of love… They flew to Jamaica to tie the knot… There were lots of drinks… And lots of kisses… And a cute little photographer from Orlando (me, duh)… And they all lived happily ever after. Have a beautiful honeymoon…

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Plus One - Maternity

Jaime and Mike | Maternity

I couldn’t wait to meet Jaime, another photographer from the Tampa area, for her maternity session! I was super excited to hear they were pregnant, and even though we were facebook friends, I hadn’t actually met Jaime or Mike before! They’re getting ready to welcome their first baby, a boy! Our session was almost rescheduled thanks to some tropical storm (who can keep track anymore), but when Jaime and Mike said they were “up for…

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