Amanda and Keith’s Gainesville Engagement

I love going to new places! Not that Gainesville is necessarily new – but I’ve never been there (I know, I know) so I was really stoked to schedule Amanda and Keith’s engagement session there!

Until… I found out that I was going up the weekend of UF graduation! Ha, only *I* would schedule an engagement session at UF during spring graduation (in my defense, we had to shoot on Sunday because Keith was heading back to Oklahoma early Monday morning). To boot, I would wager it was the hottest weekend in a looooong time! According to my trusty car thermometer, temps were reading anywhere from 99-100 degrees and we. were. cooking. We originally planned to shoot at the stadium, but graduation and crowds made that impossible. Luckily, we found some shade in the adorable Lake Alice park right on campus.

But what I absolutely loved about my time in Gainesville, was getting to meet Amanda and Keith! Amanda just graduated from UF this weekend, and Keith was in town to cheer her on! He actually came down from Oklahoma City, where he’s serving in the United States Air Force.

Wait! I smell a second location coming on!

So when Amanda told me about his career, I knew I HAD to find an airfield to shoot the second part of their engagement session! I was so excited when I talked to the great folks over at the University Air Center at Gainesville Regional Airport, and they graciously offered their amazing facilities for our session!

I had such a great time shooting their session and running around the airplane hangar – I couldn’t wait to get these up! Insane heat aside, I’m sooo looking forward to their Gainesville wedding in June!