Five Wedding Day Tips Every Bride Swears By

Five Wedding Day Tips Every Bride Swears By

As your wedding day swiftly approaches, prep-time is imperative for your physical and mental stability. While you have been taking care of every tiny detail, it is crucial that you don’t forget about the most important detail; your own mentality and health! By refreshing your mind and focusing on preparing the night before, you will help relieve yourself of unnecessary stress and allow yourself to enjoy every moment of your monumental day. Below, I have shared with you some tips and tricks that brides everywhere should follow in order to achieve their wedding day goals!

1. Be in Your Element

The night before the big day is crucial for putting your mind at ease and de-stressing. By surrounding yourself with what brings you peace, you can help shape your perspective in a positive way and cope with jitters. Whether it’s a bubble bath with a glass of wine, a bike ride in nature, or just spending time with your dogs, self-care is key! Allowing yourself to take a private moment for self-reflection will help you recharge and keep you sane. Months of preparation have lead to this moment and you deserve to treat yourself. Always take care of your mental health as mindset is everything!

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2. Food for Fuel

By preparing a breakfast or lunch the night before your wedding, there is no excuse not to feed your body! Eating will keep you feeling lively and ensure that you’re fueling your body properly. Healthy fats, such as avocado toast or energizing fruit bowls will keep you energized for a long period of time without the bloat. Eating will ensure that you stay sharp and will fight off crankiness as you take on the day with ease. While the butterflies in your tummy may eat up your appetite, eating is imperative for keeping your spirits high and letting your mind stay fog free!

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Have a planner who hypes you up with food during your formal photo time, like Rebekkah Rosado of Runway Events!

3. Ditch the Heels at the Rehearsal Dinner

As it is natural for you to want to shine in front of friends and family at the rehearsal dinner, make sure to wear comfortable shoes that will aid in keeping you content. There is nothing worse than wearing a fresh pair of heels on top of already blistered feet! Unless you’re an avid heel wearer, you might want to stick to a trusty pair of wedges or ballet flats for the occasion. Doing this will keep your dancing feet prime and ready to bust it out on the dance floor on the wedding night!

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4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

While popping the bubbly with your girl gang is sacred, make sure to drink plenty of water the night before and day of the wedding. This will help keep you from feeling light headed while battling nerves and keep migraines a mile away! In the case of outdoor weddings in places that are very warm, drinking enough water is especially pertinent and will save you from the potential heat exhaustion. Enjoy your day by taking care of what matters most, yourself!

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5. Early Bird Gets the Worm

Getting a full night’s rest before your wedding may sound like a fairy-tale, but it could not be more helpful. Every plan is set in stone so let yourself relax and release! Sleep is your best friend when it comes to having the best day of your life and being inherently present for every magical moment. If you’re an active night owl, put on your favorite documentary or play a meditative podcast to help you fall into an early night slumber. Plug in your essential oil diffuser and let the scents of lavender fuel a deep slow-wave sleep! These tips and tricks couldn’t be more helpful for ensuring the most magical wedding day possible!

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