Jada and Jason | Married

March 8, 2013 | Orlando, FL

Jada and Jason had an amazing wedding with a giant purple ombre explosion! I got so excited with every detail – from her gorgeous Vera Wang gown, to her Louboutin shoes and the ombre cake from Sugar Suite. But true to their Southern roots, Jada and Jason enlisted the help of premier wedding planner Tamuel Cowart and Arthur’s Catering to develop an exquisite dinner full of grits, biscuits and fried chicken! But more about the reception in a bit…

Their entire wedding was about paying homage to their heritage. They were married in the old courthouse at the Orange County Regional History Center – the same courtroom where her grandparents were married decades ago. The judge presiding over their wedding made a sweet announcement to her grandfather and grandmother before Jada walked down the aisle, asking him to, again, kiss his beautiful bride. Although a few years had passed since their own wedding, it was such a sweet, sentimental moment for all of the guests to witness.

Following the ceremony, Jada and Jason did the traditional jumping of the broom. Tradition says that the person who jumps the highest gets to control the household ;)

Their stylish-southern reception incorporated beautiful details, but my favorite was the table names – all things that Jada and Jason love! Big Mama’s Dressing, Waffle House and even Pepsi and Peanuts (the card read “For a snack, Jada’s grandfather used to put peanuts in a Pepsi bottle and chew the peanuts with each sip. How southern is that?”) Jennyfer from The Sugar Suite made an incredible purple ombre cake with magnolias, and the decor from The Mezz was the perfect modern reception venue to hold their event! Even the table linens were ombre – with each table having a variation of their silver, lavender and purple colors with coordinating napkins! To top off the night, Jada and Jason exited to a confetti canon send-off!

Ceremony Venue: Orange County Regional History Center
Reception Venue: The MEZZ
Event Planner and Coordination: RW Events, Tamuel Cowart
Makeup: LeJeune Artistry
Hair: Erica Dollison at Msqtii Chic
Bridal Salon: The Collection, Winter Park
Bridal Gown: Vera Wang
Bridal Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Floral Design: Greenery Productions
Cake Artist: The Sugar Suite
Catering: Arthur’s Catering
Ceremony Musician: Catherine Way – Harpstrings
DJ: DJ Carl
Videographer: Imprint Cinema
Linen Rentals: Over The Top
Photobooth: My photo booth rocks!
Wedding Broom: Marayahs Creations

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