Dujour is the sweetest!

Miami. Remember that trip?

I was down there shooting some editorials for the amazingly sweet and silky Dujour Magazine! A gorgeous fashion magazine with the slogan “Fashion with Sprinkles on Top!” You can’t go wrong with that, right?!

Anyways – they’re having their annual Cover Contest to have their readers vote on the next gorgeous cover of Dujour! And guess what else? 2 of my shots of the incredible Courtney are up for contention!

So you, my loyal blog readers, need to help me by voting and spreading the word for others to vote!

I mean, could you not DIE at how amazing Courtney looks? She’s only 12 and 5’10” – and if you ask me – this girl MUST be on their cover!

And I wanted to mention that this shot is unedited (straight off the camera). Since the whole shoot is part of an editorial, we haven’t released the stunning edits yet :) So I can promise you that if one of my shots of Courtney wins, it will be fantastically gorg with an extra touch of wow.

So go vote for me (pretty please, with pretty pink sprinkles on top!)

Vote for Cover Option #4 or #5 here: http://dujourmag.com/blog/dujour-magazine-cover-contest-the-____-issue/