Melissa and Jose | Hawaii

A rented Jeep. Dirt Road. Sugarcane Field. Secluded beach. Maui.

From deep in the Iao Valley, to a beach of washed up driftwood…. Melissa and Jose invited me along for the first few days of their honeymoon to document some of the sweetest days of their lives. Surrounded by the immense beauty of Maui, we took a drive with no real plans to see some of the sights and take some pictures to remember these days. Even though our first location was mapped out pretty clearly, we took a road-less-traveled approach and randomly stopped by some of the local normalcies (I think I just made that word up) of this gorgeous island.

Of course I had to start with our not-quite-red-enough Jeep…. the beginning of a new journey for all of us…

I’d like to first mention that Flip-Flops may not have been the most appropriate shoe choice for me for the hike deep in to Iao Valley.

Always the rebels, we jumped some fences for their breathtaking views

Driving back to the hotel, I spotted this deserted road that lead back through sugarcane fields. I asked if we could stop for a few quick shots.

One of my favorites from the entire day – it’s almost like the wind, sky and clouds worked together and were right on cue

Leaving the sugarcane fields, we passed an amazing beach. The weather was really acting up by this point – misting, hazy and SO windy. Anthony is literally holding on to a tree for support. I fell a few times. We were all eating black sand by the end of it. The Jeep was practically destroyed from Melissa’s post-shoot gown. It was the perfect place to end our day!

Huge props to Melissa for wearing around her now 100-lb gown until we got back to the hotel!
Soaking wet and full of sand, I’m sure the Hyatt cleaning crew had a few choice words for us after finding it in the (now completely black with sand) bathtub!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post – one of my favorite sessions to date! When I joined Melissa and Jose for their wedding tattoos! (Jose’s first ever!)