Melissa and Jose | Tattoo

Melissa was the first bride to ever invite me on her honeymoon. It’s an idea that I’m pretty fond of :)

After grabbing lunch on the last day of our trip to Maui with Melissa and Jose, I asked them what they had planned for the rest of their honeymoon. When they told me about their plans to go get matching tattoos the following day, I convinced them to go that evening – so I could document such a beautiful permanence in their relationship. Since we were flying out that night, it was the last opportunity for us to do it!

So after some coaxing and some nerves about getting his first tattoo, and since I had never even been in a tattoo shop before, we all put our big-kid pants on and in we went!

Melissa managed to lock the largest key-on-a-chain…ever…. in the bathroom.

Skin Deep Tattoo in Maui was such an awesome place and gave Melissa and Jose gorgeous roman numeral tattoos of their wedding date (replicating the entire theme of their wedding… roman numerals were spread throughout the event).

It was the perfect ending to our short little trip to paradise with some of our new best friends :)