Winter Springs wedding blending two families at Tuskawilla Country Club

Jessica and Erik | Sneak Peek

October , 2019 at Tuskawilla Country Club

I couldn’t have planned a more incredible day for Jess and Erik’s wedding at Tuskawilla Country Club! Warm with a breeze, a little overcast and a brief rain shower that cleared up in 5 minutes! And blending their families after seven years together turned out to be perfectly wonderful! There wasn’t a moment without laughter and smiles, hugs and high fives!

From their wedding website: “Erik and Jess met at a costume party of all things. Independent of each other they were each trying to round up contestants for a “Best Costume Competition”. However instead of finding contestants, they found each other! Now, after 7 years of life, love, amazing kids, and making a lifetime of happy memories, they decided the winner of the costume party was themselves – dressed as bride and groom!”

The Wedding Day

The most important part of their wedding day was truly combining their families together. Their wedding party was comprised of their 4 children, 2 nephews and niece. It was a fun change of pace for us, and we loved working with all of them during their photo time! Jess walked down the aisle barefoot, with a flower crown and wearing a family heirloom pin (from the 1880’s!)

Immediately following the ceremony, guests were treated to a guitarist and cocktails at the reception space, before being invited for dinner in a casual and relaxed atmosphere – just like having an outdoor backyard family party! Couches and fire-pits surrounded the band, and the couple shared their first dance as guests lit the dance floor with sparklers.

Erik and Jess are heading to a European River Cruise for their honeymoon where they will be sailing from Switzerland, to Germany, to Paris!  But my favorite comment they said to me…. “We have always wanted to take a romantic river cruise.   We love learning about history and visiting museums … we are so excited, can you fit in our luggage??  :)”

And although there’s no way I’d fit in their luggage, I appreciate the invite! Congratulations to Erik, Jess, Bryant, Natalie, Nicole and Paul!

Lead Photographer: Kristen
Associate Photographer: Stephanie
Venue: Tuskawilla Country Club
Hair/Makeup: Glamour by Natalie
Florist: Winter Springs Florist
Band: Bay Kings Band

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