I don’t have a lot of words for this shoot. Everything was just perfect. I was so blessed to have things come together with very little planning, only a small idea, some mood music and lots of rain.We shot this in about an hours time, in the rain. All the haze is natural Florida heat mixed with natural Florida rain in the woods. Gorgeous.

I named it “Wanderlust” [won-der-luhst]: a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Which just seemed to suit how I was feeling on Friday.

For my photographers out there – I shot everything in manual at 1.4 on a 50mm and Nikon D700.

And as promised, the talented Erika Barker shot and produced this amazing Behind the Scenes video from the shoot!

Model: Samantha
Makeup: Yaritza Thompson
Photographer’s Assistant: Lauren Harrison