Glamorous Purple Wedding | Caitlin and Sean

Glamorous Violet Wedding | Caitlin and Sean

Caitlin and Sean are two Texans who sure know how to put on a party! This was by far one of the most unique weddings that I have seen. While it may seem bizarre at first that the couple tied the knot at a car dealership, it’s the only thing “that made sense” to Caitlin and Sean. This is because her parents bought the dealership in 2008 and since then, their small family has grown to the hundreds. The whole family works for the dealership so it is their life and their livelihood. In fact, the Finance Director at the dealership, Neal, was their efficient and the wedding party consisted of many team members! 

The entire night was painted purple from the bridesmaid robes, to the silver and eggplant-colored reception details, all the way to Caitlin’s mom’s seriously amazing purple hair! Sean is one of the dealership’s top salesmen and knows every thing there is to know about Corvettes, which is why the couple drove off in Sean’s brand new Corvette at the end of the night!

Caitlin and Sean’s wedding day was also featured on Every Last Detail!

Planner: Blush by Brandee Gaar
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Stingray Chevrolet
Floral Design: Arlene Floral and Event Designer
Hair & Makeup: Jesse Shackelford
Videography: Cakewalk Films
Band: Power Entertainment
Harpist: Kristen Elizabeth
Catering: Puff ‘N ‘Stuff
Photobooth Company: Power Entertainment

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