Abbey and Evan

My trip to Hawaii brought a few unexpected surprises! Just a few days before we left for Maui, I noticed a Seattle photographer, Abbey, who had come to Florida for my Images for a Cure Workshop back in November, had posted about leaving for Hawaii, too! Not only would she be in the same state, but on the same island, in the hotel next to ours! Since Abbey and Evan were celebrating their anniversary AND her birthday, we got together for a sweet little couples session.

But the weather chose this very day to rain (which is more like a constant mist) – so we had to duck and hide in some covered spots until the end of the shoot. Then, we did some sweet and sexy beach shots where we welcomed the rain, water and sand!

I had such a fantastic time shooting in Hawaii – so I want to thank Abbey and Evan for spending a few hours with me and letting me discover the gorgeous beaches of Maui!