Images for a Cure | Isabella

This is little Isabella Marie! She was another of my Images for a Cure sessions, and her mom is a local makeup artist. We took full advantage of this gorgeous weather and had a wintery fashion shoot with her in Downtown Oviedo. Photographing kids can be tricky – but she was amazing to work with! I thought she had been doing this for years! She loves to model, loves to pose and loves to flash those big blue eyes.

A couple things I learned about Isa:

  • She has not, in fact, given a chicken a bath. No matter what she tells you.
  • She loves lip gloss and red rain boots.
  • She thinks that her mom does the “bum dance” because it’s cool.
  • When a rooster does that “cockadoodledo” thing – it’s saying hello (or goodbye).
  • She speaks better Spanish than I do.
  • In true model form, she would give me 1 minute of smile – then haul butt off “set” looking for a new spot to pose.

Thanks, Jessica, Stacey and Isa, for coming out to play today! Isa was the best and I hope to see you guys again soon!

And for everyone else, little Miss Isabella Marie is going to be a contender for the new GapKids Casting Call! Make sure you go put in a couple votes for her!




I {heart} this photo. I forget what she was trying to do – but it was cute anyways :)






This next one happens to be my favorite from the day! I’m sure you’ll see it floating around my website soon :)