IFAC | Behind the Scenes with Ryan!

In my last post, I mentioned how Ryan Poirier shadowed us on Sunday at the Images for a Cure event, well he took some amazing behind the scenes photos and I’d love to share them! All the credit for these images goes to Ryan, who not only gave up his Sunday to hang out with me – but was just a super sweet guy and fantastic photographer! My clients loved him and will love his photos!

You can see more of Ryan’s work at http://www.ryanpoirierphotography.com!

The team of the day – Christina and James from In Motion Video Productions, and my 2nd shooter, Reema!


My first session was with Jessica and Tim, recently engaged and so much fun!


My girl, Reema – rocking out her Canon!


Christina and James

_RGP1693 _RGP1695



_RGP1727 _RGP1730-Edit


Eye-level with my second little clients of the day, Sky and Wes!


My assistant, Angie, helping Wes



Wes is “popped-collar” cool :)


Ryan really got the essence of their session in this shot. Wes made that face all day, and Sky looked like a little angel :)


Oviedo is known for their chickens, which, yes – run rampant all day.


I should make a note not to hunch over when I shoot sitting down. In my defense, I was about to fall backwards down that hill.



I’m not sure how Ryan thought he’d get out of this one… I had to share the end of the session – Ryan made a new friend :)


Yes, I did a quick wardrobe change due to the insane heat for my third session, Melissa and Sean. I actually love this shot of us :)


Here’s my view of Melissa



I <3 Ryan for capturing this. It’s gorgeous.


My shot


Look how much fun we had! Melissa’s face says it all ;)