Hollie heads to LA

I’m stinky at Good-Byes, so I generally avoid them at all costs :) When Hollie told me she was moving to Los Angeles (in just a couple weeks), I was super sad, but not at all surprised. It was time for Holls to get out of small-time Orlando and head to the big city lights and pursue her acting… modeling… or just being happy. Whatever it is that she’s looking for in LA, I know she’ll find it :) I have every intention of making frequent trips out there – since more and more of my friends are heading west.

But before she left, we wanted to get in one last shoot! She wanted to update her portfolio, I wanted to try some genres that I haven’t dipped in to very much recently. And thus, today was a spectacular day for shooting.

The sun was gorgeous, the weather was warm, and my dirty garage floor provided the perfect backdrop for her amazingly sexy boudoir shots. Mission accomplished :)