Orlando Couples Session

Tiffany came out to Oviedo the other day to help me out with my project, and we decided to run out and grab a quick 20 minute session of her and her boyfriend. I haven’t seen Tiffany since somewhere in 2007, so it was really fun catching up and hanging out for a little bit!

As a side note, it’s also 5am, and I can’t believe I’m still up :) Ah, the life of a photographer. Whoever says our lives are easy because we have to “sacrifice our Saturday nights” has never spent 20 hours editing, while their family enjoys a lazy Sunday playing games and watching tv (ok, I lied a little bit – I’m watching Three’s Company right now). Actually, I think I’ve logged something like  110 work-hours this last week. I think this coming week may be more. Not that I’d change that, of course, because I’m finally doing what I love more than anything else. But I can tell you I’ve worked harder (and longer) at my passion than I ever did at a full-time job. Ever. Mentally, physically…. ever. And I know about 300 photographers across the world who would surely confirm that.

Lucky for me, this doesn’t feel like work. And admittedly, I’d rather be sitting here writing this blog post than sleeping (we can sleep when we die, right?). Although I may turn in shortly… but at this point, I’m not sure it’s worth it?

However, it may be so late that I’m delirious, and that surely wouldn’t be a good way to write a blog post. I may have to re-read this tomorrow and see how completely crazy I sound :)

Maybe I should just stick to what I know – and get you to the pictures!