Welcome to the first of several holiday portraits blog posts!

Through the years, we’ve met up for several portrait sessions – but this was my first time getting to shoot in their gorgeous home – and meet Ducati’s newest family member, Moto musik aus youtube auf macen! A social orange tabby, Moto fits in perfectly with this gorgeous entrepreneurial family!

Now, I’m anxiously awaiting next year’s holiday portraits at their new home (well, second home – they’re staying in Orlando a bit longer!) in Asheville, NC herunterladen!

I’ve loved seeing this couple grow in every aspect of their lives – from their business, to their racing escapades and now building a beautiful new home whatsapp nachrichten nichten! I’m so grateful for clients who continually trust and include me in these new ventures!

Fun fact: Jessica and Peter have the distinct honor of being my very first couple to get married at Bella Collina fonts for free! I can’t believe that was all the way back in 2011! We even did their engagement session there, which was the first time I got to meet Ducati ssh datei herunterladen!