Jessica and Peter | Bella Collina

True story: I have a client, whose husband is named Philip, but she calls him Peter…. I don’t get it either.

So now, meet Jessica and Peter (the real Peter), who I called Philip for the first 20 minutes of our shoot. I felt so silly when they finally corrected me (always make sure you tell me if I’m calling you the wrong name… lol), but somehow my head transposed Peter/Philip and Philip/Peter…. I’m confused again just writing this!

Jessica and Peter are seriously one of my sweetest couples. I’m always smiling from her emails and she always has the perfect thing to say. I loved meeting their “baby” Ducati, too! Ducati is an absolutely adorable little Yorkie who is also my Facebook friend! Anthony came with me to Bella Collina, where they’re getting married on May 7th, to help out on the shoot. Turns out, he was the perfect “keeper” for Ducati. And secretly, I think Ducati really likes him, even though he gave Anthony the “stiff arm” all day! :)

So to Jessica and PETER – I can’t wait to spend May 7th with you and your amazing friends and family out at Bella Collina! It will be the most perfect sunset ceremony :)