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Orlando wedding photographer with a clean and modern approach. Kristen is a hybrid film photographer located in Central Florida. Her latest weddings and shoots are all hanging out over here - just waiting for you to take a look!

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Renee’s Bridal

Ahhh! So excited to post these amazing pictures of Renee from her bridal shoot! I’ve been waiting to show these off for months! Her wedding is today (I’m actually there right now, ahhh I love advanced blogging), and I’m overly excited to be there for her big day with Jon!

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Guess who got a ShootSac? This much shopping should be outlawed. Honestly. But I’ve been dying to get a shootsac ever since I saw Scarlett Lillian with her adorable pink and white stripe personalized one. Eventually, I’d love to get mine done all personalized, but for right now, I was just so thrilled to get one – I wanted to show it off! It cost me a small child, but it’s worth it to see…

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The Jernigans

I haven’t updated since Easter… what’s with that? Well, I’ve been overly busy at work and with my new blog over there – The New Home Sales Guru. It’s actually been pretty cool, I’ve even been posting blog entries about my Journey as a first time homebuyer! So if you like watching a house being built and interior design, you may want to give it a gander. I’m shooting a totally exciting wedding on Saturday…

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Easter in Orlando

Yay! It’s that time again – for Peeps and Whoppers, Hersheys and Cadbury’s. I love Easter – but it has definitely taken on a different feeling since I’m not a little kid anymore. I was really excited to bring some Easter traditions from my own childhood to Liam and Maddy, like the Easter morning egg hunt. I’m sure a lot of families did their own egg hunt – but the kids look forward to it…

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melissa and the stilo shoot

So I promised to post some of the shots from the gorgeous Melissa and our shoot with Katie Russo (makeup and wardrobe stylist extraordinaire) for the Miami magazine, Stilo. I love doing shoots like this. Everything was very chill and we just had a good time working on the best way to show off her makeup. We played a little Britney on iTunes and just went for it. I have to give mad props to…

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