omg, seriously? Who really wants to know what I have to say :) Ok, but really, my full-time day job is a Regional Marketing Director for a homebuilder… that isn’t going to be in business much longer. It’s sad, I know, but the economy hits us all. That being said, I am looking for an opportunity to develop my photography in to a full time job. (I would LOVE to do my photography full time… it’s my love, my passion).

I had the privilege of being interviewed by the uber-fantastic Meredith Oliver for her new Internet Marketing Hotline website! This place is the bees-knees for anyone looking to jump into their own Marketing and just need a little help getting it going! Check out my interview below:



 Social Media Marketing Tips

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Kristen Weaver,  a web marketing expert, on how she is using social media to market new homes in the Orlando, Florida market. Kristen has pioneered social media marketing at her company and is one of the most progressive social media marketers in the industry. She is also a professional photographer and all around marketing maven! Her blog is the and it describes her journey as a first time homebuyer. Check out our video interview and enjoy learning what Kristen does and how she does it!


Kristen uses WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Loopt as her main social media marketing tools. Blogging is Kristen’s favorite social media tool. She loves writing about her journey as a first time homebuyer. Kristen used a web marketing professional to design and set up her blog, but she maintains it herself. She uses WordPress as her blogging platform and feels it is very user friendly and easy to learn.

I asked Kristen what tool has given her the best results and she indicated Twitter. That was surprising! So many web marketing professionals have already started to count Twitter out. Kristen has found it is a great way to communicate with realtors. She “follows” several prominent realtors in the Orlando market on Twitter. The realtor tweet their location as they take buyers out to look at homes. Kristen then tweets what she has available in that area. Because it is instant, the realtor can take their customer by the community while still in that part of town. Fantastic! Go Kristen!

Of course the big question on everyone’s mind is how does she keep up with all of this! Kristen said that her mind naturally thinks in “tweets”! When she has news or information to share, her brain goes into social media mode thinking of all the ways she can use that information to promote her real estate company. Maybe the rest of us need to have our brains rewired!

Enjoy the video. I hope hearing about web marketing in action gives you ideas on how to apply social media marketing to your small business. It is very do-it-yourself friendly. And if you need help, remember, here at the Internet Marketing Hotline we are standing by ready to help you. You can do web marketing (with our help of course)!

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