Pet Portrait Photography Event to Benefit The Pixel Fund

Just one year ago I welcomed Willow to our studio. Our 11th foster animal from The Pixel Fund – and pregnant with 7 babies! I actively harassed everyone on my Facebook, sharing live streams of her pregnancy and even starting a baby registry on Amazon for her! If you’ve been following me for awhile, you may have remembered my old non-profit, Images for a Cure. Since deciding to stop that, I had actively been looking for a new charity to work with. In my lap falls The Pixel Fund.

I’ve actively been working with them as a foster when my schedule allows it (and you may have even been in the studio and met one of our resident fosters, Sweetie aka Drawer Cat). But I also like to come up with events where I can use my photography to raise money for The Pixel Fund! A little bit ago we had 2 “Paws and Pics” events where we raised several hundred dollars for them! This time, I wanted to focus on JUST the pets!

Get your own photos of your pet!

I’m thrilled to launch our very first studio-focused Pet Portrait Photography sessions on March 31st, 2019! We had a training day on my birthday (Tuesday) to practice our lighting and logistics and had some very willing participants!

If you missed this opportunity and think we should host a second day, let us know! All the money we raise is being donated to The Pixel Fund for animal rescue!

Ready to adopt, foster or volunteer?

Are you looking to adopt a rescue dog or cat?? Check out their adoptable pets here:



Not able to adopt but would like to help? We’re constantly looking for fosters, volunteers or even just a simple donation to help us continue to rescue, save and help medically needy animals! Check out their website to see how you can help!

Photographers! I’m going to challenge you to use your skills and talent to help a local charity in your town this year! Let me know of any upcoming events and I’d love to help you share it!

On to the dogs!

This is Venus! She’s 6 months old and the newest addition to Shannon’s family! Venus actually crawled in to Shannon’s makeup bag at a wedding when she was a puppy and they instantly fell in love! We actually have a bunch more cute photos of Venus but I couldn’t resist those sweet eyes in these 2!

Now, let’s meet the Hauer Frenchies! Gigi, Ellie and Penny. Gigi just recently became a “big sister” to Penny and Ellie, who were just adopted together! Gigi was a rescue pup, and her mom fell in love with her – and knew that she needed more!

Ironman: Available for Adoption

Next up is Ironman! He’s available for adoption through The Pixel Fund in Florida. This 6 lb buddy will love to sit on your lap or burrow under the covers. If you’re looking for a mini-companion, Ironman may be the boy for you! Check him out on the adoption website!

Casey actually came from The Pixel Fund and was born at Ellen’s house (one of our fosters). I mean – how could you resist this face?! Casey ended up being a “foster-fail” – which literally means when we fail at fostering an animal and decide to adopt them for ourselves!

Gimli (named after Lord of the Rings) belongs to wedding planner Jennifer Lopez from Bella Sposa Events! Our favorite “test” was when Gabby decided to bring her wind-skills to the shoot and try to get a little wind in Gimli’s hair (er… fur?) which basically just made it look like her ears were taking off!

Phoenix is the companion of a fellow photographer and we were excited to get to meet her in person! This nugget has some great facial expressions – she definitely wears her heart on her sleeve!

LYRIC! This sweet girl is actually a pro in front of the camera, belonging to one of my past brides, Brynn! Lyric was very food-motivated and tolerated Gabby tossing kibble at her the entire time! She also brought Lambie with her – so of course we took a photo of her with her little buddy!

Patch: Available for Adoption

Next up is Patch! He’s available for adoption through The Pixel Fund in Florida. Sweet Patch is a German Short-Haired Pointer mix with an irresistible face! He’s very sweet and loving, though sometimes he doesn’t realize his large size! He has a lot of puppy in him; high energy and loves to play! He’s skeptical of peanut butter, doesn’t catch treats well in the air, and has SO much personality! Check him out on the adoption website!

Larry: Available for Adoption

Meet Larry! He’s available for adoption through The Pixel Fund in Florida. Larry was a stray, but has not let his rough life affect his loving personality! He loves affection and being with his people. He would do well with some obedience training to learn how to be the best indoor dog he can be, and really be part of your family. If you’re looking for a loving boy to invite into your family, apply for Larry today! Check him out on the adoption website!

This giant lovable pup is Sadie! I suppose you could say she’s Makayla’s “cousin” who came in for a few portraits for her human friends. Her coloring is amazing, and we may have had to edit out some flyaway drool on occasion. But the peanut butter was a definite hit!