Casa Feliz Wedding | Andrea and Ben

 Casa Feliz Wedding

When Ben had first met Andrea, he knew that he had seen her before, although Andrea didn’t recognize his face. He quickly remembered her from a time that she took care of him in the ER, where she started his IV and made him feel better, (Aww!). A couple of weeks passed before the two talked again, but Ben eventually knocked on her door to ask her to go to a UCF game to tailgate with friends. And as Andrea puts it, “The rest is history!” Andrea had been dropping hints to Ben that she wanted to take a trip to New York City during the holidays, and Ben found this to be the perfect opportunity to propose.

Casa Feliz Historic Home in Winter Park, Florida was truly the perfect location for the earthy, garden feel that the couple was hoping to achieve. As always, Lee Forrest Design did not disappoint and supplied the most beautiful pink, white and cream floral designs. For the reception, A Girl and Her Glitter hand-made a fun flower backdrop for guests to take pictures throughout the night. The stunning details, such as wooden farm tables, gold accents, and ivy table runners truly made this upscale, rustic wedding so beautiful!

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Vendor List

Venue: Casa Feliz
Event Planner: An Affair to Remember
Cake Designer: Anna Cakes
Catering: Arthur’s Catering
Florist: Lee Forrest Design
Videography: CollabCreation Films
Stationery: Creative Weddings Coral Gables

Custom Photobooth Backdrop: A Girl and Her Glitter
Bridal Shop: Coral Gables Bridals
Gown Designer: Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaid Gown Designer: Jenny Yoo
Lighting: Party Guys
DJ: Liquid Entertainment

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