Smruti & Tim | Married

May 4, 2012 | Clearwater, FL

I feel like I’ve always been an honorary member of the Desai family. Unofficially. Since Reema, the baby of the 3 sisters, started working with me back in 2008 – I feel like I’ve heard so much about Smruti and Nisha that they’re like part of my own! It also explains why Reema and I have always been so close. She’s been with me for 3 years, from the start of my budding business until last summer, when she moved to Thailand (and then Canada, and now DC) to pursue her own dreams. We grew together, learned together and laughed together.

So when she told me that Smruti had just gotten engaged to a fantastically awesome German man named Tim – I was super excited! We’ve long laughed about the infiltration of Germans and Indians among our families (Reema is also dating a German, I’m a German… you get the idea). So I HAD to be a part of this new union!

Smruti’s colors were absolutely stunning together! Even though they started with a green scheme to go along with their Bamboo Garden venue, Tim announced he found an orange outfit (his favorite color), and just like that – everything changed to the royal orange and fuschia that really stood out among the gardens.

Everything was striking – from the simple details and single flower vases, to the Saris, and Smruti’s gorgeous gold ring.

Smruti and Tim – Thank you so much for letting me be part of such a special day for you both! I adored shooting your wedding and being there to celebrate with your family and friends – and I wish you both the most amazing life together! And if you could, send Reema back to me once in awhile :) I kind of miss her! (and I guess Jonathan can come, too!)

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Island’s Bamboo Gardens
Lisa Mohyla, Exquisite Events
Hair and Makeup: Luisa V
Florist: Lisa Mohyla,  Exquisite Events
Caterer: Memories of India
Cake: Publix Bakery
DJ: Jeff Staples

This vintage brooch was Smruti’s great grandmothers.

Smruti (who goes by Simu for short), wore her mother’s wedding Sari for her ceremony

Luisa did some amazing work on the girl’s hair and makeup! They all looked so amazing!

Tim’s mom even fit right in with her own Mother of the Groom Sari!

Tim and Simu’s first look was so cute! Tim was standing all official-like, then got all sappy on us when he saw her :)

The lobby of the Hilton in Clearwater is one of my favorite hotel lobbys to shoot in! The natural light is gorgeous there!

Indian food. I heard it was really good :) (those that know me, know I couldn’t eat any of it. I don’t do spicy :))