Romantic and Modern – Orlando Dr. Phillips Center Wedding

After a micro-wedding at the Alfond Inn in June, Kailyn and Jonah were so excited to finally be having the actual wedding of their dreams. They had to postpone their wedding three times!! Jonah said he was most excited to finally see Kailyn in her wedding dress! This Dr. Phillips Center Wedding encompassed all things romantic and modern, and was definitely worth the wait.

Dr. Phillips Center Wedding

Their Dr. Phillips Center wedding was full of sweet details; such as their champagne glasses that were from Kailyn’s parent’s wedding day that her mom had engraved with a “W”. They also had a silver tray with their invitation engraved on it and a champagne bucket that was gifted to them from Kailyn’s brother. I especially loved all of the little details that they brought over from their micro-wedding. Like Jonah’s watch that was given to him, their cake serving set, and gifting their parents with glass boxes full of pictures from their micro-wedding.

Kailyn and Jonah met while working at AdventHealth in Orlando, Florida in 2015. Jonah was at AdventHealth for his general surgery residency and Kailyn was a brand new nurse. They took care of the same patients and Jonah finally built up the courage to ask her out! They rest is history!

The two of them don’t have any honeymoon plans just yet, they are waiting for COVID to be over with. But, if you ask me, their ski trip to Alberta, Canada where Jonah proposed to Kailyn, makes up for it.