Marja and Scott | Married

July 24, 2011 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

On more than one occasion, Alyssa and I have been working in the office and randomly blurted out, ‘I miss Minnesota’. They weren’t joking when they call it ‘Minnesota-Nice’, and we took full advantage of the hospitality of Marja, Scott and their entire crew of friends and family!

Arriving in Minneapolis fresh off the plane from the Bahamas, we were thrilled to be indulged in amazing food, air conditioning and an amazing city life! Admittedly, we spent about 8 hours wandering the Mall of America on our day off, and spent the evenings surrounded by the energy of a Twins game and U2 concert (both within view and earshot of our hotel room).

We originally met Marja 2 days before her wedding when she picked us up from the airport. Marja is from New York, and drives as such. So when she invited us out for the Bachelorette party that evening, I was a little thrilled that it was within walking distance! Our night at Crave was fantastic, the food was killer and the company – even better. We left the girls as they hopped in their limo and headed to the clubs; Alyssa and I headed back to the room to get some work done and call it a night.

The wedding was an entirely different energy however, and provided some new challenges for Alyssa and I. In a city where we’ve never been before, with a bride and groom we’ve never met, for a Jewish wedding (another first for us) – and did I mention that about half of the bridal party, including Marja and Scott, were deaf?

We were excited and nervous about how we’d all communicate to get everything done, but you know – it was actually really easy! I had such a great relationship with Marja before the wedding chatting online, that it felt like I had known her forever once we finally met! And her bridal party was filled with helpers, especially Hilary, who translated for us on more than one occasion. I even got to learn some new signs (although completely useless) from sitting with the 2 interpreters at dinner. Should I ever need to eat Potato Chips in a Helicopter over an Octopus, I’ll be all set.

Marja and Scott’s wedding was a feast of pink, purple and classic details. The venue was this amazing little spot in Minneapolis and we stopped at some sculpture gardens before, and a bridge overlooking the Minneapolis skyline after.

But one of my favorite times celebrating with them was the morning after, when I got a text from Marja asking us to join them at breakfast. It was such a blast watching them talk/sign about all the day’s events and what we missed after the wedding! But those are the stories I think I’ll keep to myself! ;)

I wanted to especially thank Marja and Scott’s family for being such amazing guests, helping us, encouraging us and explaining to us all the events of this Jewish/Danish shindig! We had such a blast and appreciated everything that they all did for us!

Things we love about Minneapolis: Mall of America, MarbleRoni Cheese, Walleye, FireLake Restaurant, The Laser Van, NOT listening to Ghostbusters (and NOT in Milwaukee), Octopus-Helicopter

Venue: Profile Event Center, Minneapolis
Florist: Amanda Klug (friend of the bride)
Cake Artist: Buttercream Minnetonka
Bridal Salon: Brides of France, Minnesota
Bridal Designer: La Sposa
Bridal Shoes: Kate Spade
Officiant: Rabbi Allen Secher
Bridesmaid Gowns: David’s Bridal
Men’s Tuxes: Calvin Klein, Men’s Wearhouse
DJ: K-Fult Productions

Marja and Scott did a First Look on the rooftop of our hotel! It was an amazing backdrop for such a sweet moment

After these 2 had their faces pressed against the door, Marja let them come outside to watch. It was the perfect little cheering section!

Only in Minnesota do you get a cheese plate like this!!

During the ceremony and reception, 2 interpreters signed for the hearing impaired guests –
one on the altar for the bridal party and the other down among the guests

After getting stampeded by circling guests during the Hora, I’ve decided that I want a Jewish wedding :) It was SO much fun!

Scott’s dad gave an amazing toast, celebrating the culture and traditions of a Danish wedding (for Marja’s parents)

In this tradition, during the standard “clinking of the glasses”, the bride and groom must climb on to their chairs and kiss.

This cookie cake celebrates the mixed cultures of Marja, Scott and their families. I loved this detail :)

Our favorite Danish tradition, the “cutting of the Groom’s socks” by the Bride’s father!
I had to look this meaning up:
“…the male guests lifts up the groom and cuts the tip of his socks on both feet. It symbolizes that he should no longer walk in the footsteps of other women.”